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Tales of Brave Ulysses


Author of the book ‘Structuring Design – Graphic grids in Theory and Practice’. The book presents the principles and rules of visual communication as an introduction to practical design. Available in German, English, Polish and Japanese. A Chinese edition is to be released in summer 2021.

Author of the bilingual book ‘Read + Play’ (English, German). The book is an introduction to typography, with an overview of corresponding literature. Published by Designlabor Gutenberg, University of Applied Sciences Mainz in Germany. Sold out.

Author of the German-language book ‘Read + Play’. The book is an enlarged version of the first edition from 2010. It’s an introduction to typography with hundred books and links of corresponding literature, supplemented by pictures, additional information and a chapter on the semiotic aspects of visual communication. Published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt in Germany.